1. I am picked on all the time. =People pick on me all the time. (人們老愛找我麻煩。)
  2. I try to be thoughtful, but he calls it manipulative. (我想表答關心,但他認為是操控。)
  3. He is wrong, dead wrong ! (他是大錯特錯!)
  4. He almost chewed me out ; I cannot seem to please him. (他把我罵了一頓;我無法讓他高興。)
  5. His response to me was rude and insensitive. (他對我的回應粗魯,一點都沒人情味。)
  6. He was so wishy-washy that drove me nuts. (他優柔寡斷,真令我難受。)
  7. His response is fine, but his tone was belittling. (他說的沒錯,不過口氣瞧不起人。)
  8. Sometimes he is completely overbearing. (有時他過分傲慢專橫,盛氣凌人。)
  9. He missed the bull's eye. (他搞不清楚重點。)
    ( bull's eye 意思是 main point )
  10. He is immature, whiny and egotistical. (他幼稚、嘮叨而自大。) 轉貼自世界公民

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